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    Datong Yunzhong Inn

    Datong Yunzhong Inn is located in Gulou West Street on the north side of the old town of Datong, Shanxi province. It is a family-style boutique hotel with traditional Chinese courtyard building and exceptional facilities.

    Datong Yunzhong Inn is located in a quiet neighborhood, within walking distance to Datong's must-see attractions, including the Huayan Monastery, Nine-dragon Wall,Mosque, Chunyang Palace, Drum tower, Shanhua Temple, Guandi Temple, Wen Temple and other historical sites.

    Datong is a famous historical and cultural city in China.It is one of the nine ancient capitals and its history began as early as 2400 years ago.It was the capital of Northern Wei and the Western Capital of the Liao and Jin dynasty as well as a major city in many other dynasties.

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    “Ting”(庭), are located on the first floor on the south side of the courtyard. There are four Ting rooms, Chong, Yue, Yi and Su Ting. Chong, Yue, Yi and Su are words used to describe people's joyful and cheerful feelings. The nameing of the four rooms is a true blessing for the guests.

    “Ge”(阁),are located on the second floor on the north side of the courtyard.”Ge”is usually a multi-leveled style of architecture for for young ladies in ancient times,where they could overlook the scenery outside.The guests may experience of the feeling of those young ladies in the past by watching the dawn in the morning and the moon at night.

    "Yi"(驿), are located on the second floor of the main courtyard. The rooms wish all guests, friends and family happiness, good health, best of luck and a peaceful mind. This double room has a satellite TV, tile/marble flooring and electric kettle.

    "She"(舍) is a dwelling house or a guest room. We have in total four rooms under the name "She" and each with its unique meaning. Shang She is a guest room for the respected; Jing She is a guest room for the unperturbed; Li She extends in meaning of self-cultivation, staying ethical and the regarding of law and discipline rights. Wen She makes a general reference of knowledge of the heaven and earth, knowledgeable of ethics, merciful, diligent and always inquisitive about the unknown.

    This Chinese Suite is decorated in traditional Chinese style. You will find all the Chinese factors here, from the calligraphy on the wall to the decorations. This suite has tile/marble flooring, electric kettle and air conditioning.

    The European Suite is the must see. The main guest room is a well-designed European Rococo style suite. This suite features tile/marble flooring, satellite TV and private entrance.

    The Grottoes are ancient Chinese Buddhist temple grottoes about 17km south-west of the city of Datong.

    The Hanging Temple is a temple built into a cliff above the ground, near Mount Heng, 65km away from the city of Datong.

    Guest can experience both Chinese and European style here in Datong Yunzhong Inn. From a glass of wine to a cup of tea.

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