Datong Yunzhong Traditional Courtyard

Datong Yunzhong Inn is located in Gulou West Street on the north side of the old town of Datong, Shanxi province. It is a family-style boutique hotel with traditional Chinese courtyard building and exceptional facilities.

Datong Yunzhong Inn is located in a quiet neighborhood, within walking distance to Datong's must-see attractions, including the Huayan Monastery, Nine-dragon Wall,Mosque, Chunyang Palace, Drum tower, Shanhua Temple, Guandi Temple, Wen Temple and other historical sites.

Datong is a famous historical and cultural city in China.It is one of the nine ancient capitals and its history began as early as 2400 years ago.It was the capital of Northern Wei and the Western Capital of the Liao and Jin dynasty as well as a major city in many other dynasties.