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The Family

The ancestors of the hotel owner have lived in Datong for many years. The owner's great grandfather was named on the Yan Tower in Datong.The grandfather was a celebrity in Datong during the period of the republic of China and was included in the biographical section of the"History of Datong". As the general secretary of the Shanxi government during Xishan Yan period at the time,he was in charge of the economy of the whole province.During Anti-Japanese War,he was the chief of the Department of Mobilization and Distribution in the Second War Zone during cooperation of CPC and KMT and received an inscribed name card and a blanket from Chairman Mao.

After the liberation,he donated many of his properties to the government to fund a public hospital.The hotel owner's father was born on Huanle street at the south of the hotel.He joined the army during the Korea War and worked at the General Staff for 50 years.He is a former diplomatic military attache.The owner?s uncle is a well-known ancient Chinese style architect,a member of the committee of protection of National Historical and the Cultural Heritage,a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Architectural Heritage and the designer of Ming Hall in Datong. The owner of the hotel inherited the traditions from the ancestors and was deeply influenced by the culture of Datong.

The hotel is designed to combine tradition and modernism.